3D Realisation – Research

The following is a write up of the artists I have researched as part of my 3D Realisation module.

Sam YangBlizzard Entertainment/Riot GamesStarcraft 2 – Wings of Liberty/Starcraft 2 – Heart of the Swarm/League of Legends

League of Legends: Arcade Hecarim, 2013

Sam Yang has been involved in 3D since 2006, but got involved in the Games Industry in September 2008, when he became a Full Time 3D Artist for Blizzard Entertainment. Whilst at Blizzard, he worked on and shipped Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty and its expansion set, Heart of the Swarm. He left Blizzard in February 2012 and joined Riot Games in April 2012 to work on their League of Legends title, which has already been released, but receives many content patches over the course of a given year.

Sam seems to mainly work on character art, although he has done some environment art in the past too. The two main games that he has been involved in have also been fairly different, one being a futuristic RTS (Real Time Strategy) game and the other being a fantasy MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. I am particularly interested in the art style that League of Legends offers. The style is very much fantasy, but taken to a light hearted extreme. You can tell this by the use of bright, vibrant colours and almost cutesy design of the characters.

League of Legends: Chibi Ahri, 2012

Adam BoltonObsidian Entertainment/Irrational Games/Amazon Game Studio – Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth, 2013

Adam Bolton started in the games industry in 2007 with Obsidian Entertainment working on a project which would eventually be cancelled. Adam left Obsidian Entertainment in 2008 and joined up with Irrational Games, where he worked on and shipped Bioshock Infinite. After Bioshock Infinite launched in 2013, Adam left Irrational Games and joined Amazon Game Studios, where he is working on an unknown project.

Adam’s work seems to focus mainly on character art. Adam provided the character art for Elizabeth, The Handyman and Songbird and created the model for the Skyhook in Bioshock Infinite. The art style is very interesting in Bioshock Infinite, as the story is very dark, but the graphics are very bright and make use of vibrant colours. You can definitely see this within the models that Adam has created.

Bioshock Infinite: Skyhook, 2013

Liam TartUnknown Worlds Entertainment Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2, 2012

Liam Tart started in the games industry in 2011 with Frontier Developments. Before starting with Frontier Developments, Liam created 3D assets for several fairly well known PC mods. These mods were Black Mesa, No More Room in Hell, and Nuclear Dawn. Whilst with Frontier Developments, Liam worked as a lead on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” level in Kinect Disneyland  Adventures for the Xbox 360. He left Frontier Developments in 2012 to join Unknown Worlds Entertainment and work on Natural Selection 2.

Liam focuses on environment art, which is one of the areas which I am most interested in. Liam’s work in Natural Selection 2 seems slightly futuristic in style with a mix of modern day tech thrown in. It is also very reminiscent of industrial areas. Liam has also created some engine tests in CryEngine 3 which look very believeable. These are called “Beach Scene” and “Alpine Mountain”. I especially like the Alpine Mountain test as it looks very realistic. I could very easily imagine playing an RPG in the setting that he has created there.

Natural Selection 2: Arcade Machine, 2012

Isaiah ShermanSucker Punch Productions inFamous 2 & Festival of Blood DLC

Isaiah Sherman: Sweet Epics

Isaiah Sherman has been involved in the games industry since 2010, when he joined Sucker Punch Productions. During his time there, he has worked on and shipped inFamous 2 and its Festival of Blood DLC. Isaiah is still with Sucker Punch Productions.

A lot of Isaiah’s work is 2D. However, he also does some 3D work and this is the work I will be focusing on for this research. Isaiah’s 3D work is very interesting as it captures my interests very well. On his website, he has a few interesting pieces of work. The first one I shall mention is on his “Sweet Epics” section, which is a collection of swords, modelled in a fantasy style. Each sword is fairly ornate and gets increasingly more ornate as it is “levelled up”.  The next piece of work I find interesting is on his “Ancient Temple” section, in which you see a male warrior-esque character approaching a temple, which is in a wide open wilderness-like area. This piece interests me because of the temple itself. It is quite epic in scale. It is an imposing building in the scene and gets the viewer to ask themselves questions like “what’s happened in this building?” and “what evil lurks in here?”.

Isaiah Sherman: Ancient Temple

Amongst these examples of his own work, Isaiah also has some images of the 3D work he has done for inFamous 2 and the Festival of Blood DLC. inFamous is fairly well known for being set in fairly harsh urban environments and this is captured well in the work.

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