Creative Futures – Adaption – Project Introduction

As part of our Creative Futures module, we have been given a mini brief to adapt a current story to a concept for a game. We are able to choose from any current media other than games, so this can include novels, movies, music albums and mythology to name a few examples. I have chosen to adapt the events of Ragnarok, which is a period of time within Norse Mythology which deals with “end of the world” themes and a large scale battle, which ultimately deals with the deaths of major Norse Gods, Odin, Thor, TýrFreyrHeimdallr and Loki.

I am choosing to take a more modern spin on this, and look into adapting the ideas and myths of Ragnarok within a cyber punk setting. While I will take influence and elements of the story from Ragnarok, it will be an original setting with original characters and an original story,

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