Creative Futures – Online Presence

As part of one of our first Creative Future sessions, we discussed the importance of creating an online presence. The internet is a very powerful tool and as such it plays a vital part in a creative’s tool box.

First of all we discussed the importance of keeping your internet presence unified. Not only is this to make life easier for anyone trying to find you and contact you for work, it is also due to the way that internet search engines (such as Google) define which web pages to display on a search. Typically, Google (and possibly other engines) will check pages that link to you as well as the content that is available on your own pages. Therefore, if you have several areas on the internet where you have a presence that all link to each other, this will maximise your “importance” in the eyes of the system and will result in your page appearing higher.

We were then introduced to creating a blog, which resulted in me creating the very blog that you see here. We were shown many ways that this could be achieved, including WordPress, self hosting a WordPress blog, Deviant Art, Behance and Coroflot. I created a WordPress blog as the course that I am on requires work to be submitted in the form of blog posts, but I should be able to use Deviant Art, Behance and Coroflot in conjunction with my WordPress blog as my portfolio grows.

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