CATS Logbook – Session 5 – Part 1 – Session 4 Additions

Before we started session 5 of our CATS module, my tutor had a few extra bits and pieces to cover from the previous session (which you can find here). I will detail these extras here. The session 5 post will be posted seperately.

The first thing my tutor added is with regards to mass communication. There have been many changes to mass communication over the modernism period. These can be identified in Writing, Printing, Mass Media, Entertainment, The “Toolshed” and The Highway.

Next, the question of what we mean by mass was answered. This is answered by “More than Words: A Introduction to Communication” as follows:

“The system is the organisation that does the communicating, such as the postal service or the radio broadcasting network.”

“The product is the object produced or carried by the system.”

“The audience may also number thousands or millions.”

“The mass-production of messages also means mass-repetition of messages.”

We then discussed the television’s impact. Raymond Williams said “Television was invented as the result of scientific and technical research.” in 1990.  We then discussed the impact of television further. We discussed how it altered all media of news and entertainment that preceded it, how it has changed our forms of social relationships/relationships with each other, how it has changed our perception of reality and how it has altered the scale of our society. This is explored at greater detail in Marshall McLuhan‘s book “The Medium is the Massage“, 1968.

This book explores the idea that mass communication media is linked intrinsically to the communicated message. The book was experimental and used a college style to explore the relationships between the written text and image to communicate the author’s ideas. The typo in the title was suggested by McLuhan to be kept as the word massage suggests the effect that mass media has on us on a daily basis.

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