Dungeons and Dragons – Game Night

The Game Table

The Game Table

On the 7th November 2013, myself and a few of my fellow students decided that it would be a good idea to hold a Dungeons and Dragons night. I have previous experience of playing Dungeons and Dragons. I have played for a few years on and off. However, only a few of us in the group had played before. I felt that it would be a good opportunity to get everyone involved as not only is it a fun game to play, it requires use of creativity and imagination to play, which are important skills to have in Games Design.

I turned up on the night with my books and gaming apparatus and got set up. As soon as everyone had arrived, we started to look at getting everyone’s characters created. I usually play magic users in role playing games and that night was no exception. I decided to play a Tiefling Warlock. Warlocks are a very capable damage dealing class with some very hard hitting spells.

Our quest for the evening involved clearing out a bandit camp. This is a relatively simple task for a group of first level characters. However, nothing is ever that simple and immediately we had members of the group engaging with non-hostile characters that the Dungeon Master placed in our direction!

The Dungeon Master is the person who makes the story and the gameplay happens. They police the rules, but also make sure that everyone is having an awesome time. They create the story, play the monsters and generally run the show.

This of course meant trouble and not only did we have to deal with the bandits, we also had to deal with a few packs of wolves along the way!

Obviously, this means that combat was definitely on the cards. As a warlock, I have a cool ability which allows me to do damage to a target called “Eldritch Blast”. This is pretty much a warlock’s bread and butter ability. The way that this works is that the player who wishes to use this ability must roll a D20 to check against the monster’s reflexes. Once I’ve rolled a dice, the Dungeon Master rolls a D20 and compares with the player’s roll. If the player’s roll is higher, the player hits. If it is any other outcome, the player misses. If the player hits, they must roll the damage dice to find out how much damage the ability does.

Thankfully for my team, I was able to do some serious damage to the wolves, and we left relatively unscathed, except for the turn penalty I suffered for falling off a rock (failed dexterity check).

After this, one of our party discovered a hidden door within a rock which was able to shorten our journey. He attempted to enter this doorway by crawling through a small gap in the door, but accidentally triggered the door release switch. This could be heard by the bandits and all of a sudden, they were all after us.

Unfortunately, this is where I started to miss a lot. The group pulled together though and we were able to finish off all the bandits and the chieftain. Special mentions go to Phil, who was able to not only successfully miss two of his own team members by successfully rolling checks against their dexterity, but hit a critical on the chieftain, doing massive amounts of damage!

We completed the quest, and with quest completion comes rewards. Level ups all round, 500 gold and beer. Nothing to sniff at for sure! It was such an enjoyable evening and everyone who played enjoyed it. More of these events will happen and, of course, you’ll all get to hear about it when they do!

The Group

The Group

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