Creative Futures – Design in the Streets of Hull

Our group were given a task to find examples of good and bad design in Hull. This task was particularly interesting, as it made us consider other elements of design in areas that we would not usually look into. I went walking around the city at various times and found the following examples.

This ties into Games Design, as you often find that people who work on environments for games tend to study real life examples all the time to make their design for shop signs, adverts etc… in streets more realistic. This is becoming more and more commonplace.

St Stephens Shopping Centre Sign

St Stephens Logo - Hull

St Stephens Logo – Hull

This sign is duplicated at the entrances to the shopping centre. It is large and has a very bright colour. This means that it can be seen from a distance. The bright colour instantly draws your attention to it amongst all the other buildings and logos nearby.

Navigational Signpost

Navigational Signpost - Hull

Navigational Signpost – Hull

This signpost’s purpose is to advise visitors to the city which direction they should head in order to get to specific places of note in Hull. I believe that this is well designed as its colour scheme is very clean. This makes it very easy to read. It is positioned in such a way that it is easy to see it at a glance and the information that you can obtain from it is very easy to process quickly. This is due to those things.

Mobile Phone Stall Sign

Mobile Phone Stall Sign - Hull

Mobile Phone Stall Sign – Hull

This sign is an example designed by a stall holder. This sign is not particularly well designed, but it serves a practical function in that it tells potential customers to the stall what it is that the stall deals with. The sign itself unfortunately, except for the titling at the top, is very difficult to read, especially from a distance.

Pub Sign

Pub Sign - Hull

Pub Sign – Hull

This is an interesting one, as pub signs like the one above are fairly typical of a lot of pubs up and down the UK. They appear to be printed on a chalkboard like surface. This appearance is fairly iconic for pubs. The sign is easy to read and looks good.

Note: I will be adding more examples to this over the coming weeks.

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