CATS Logbook – Session 5 – Part 2 – Contextualising Digial Culture 2: Postmodernism/New Media

Our 5th CATS session was a continuation on the “Contextualising Digital Culture” series. The 2nd part of this series dealt with Postmodernism & New Media.

First of all, we jumped straight in to the definition of Postmodernism. The term “Postmodernism” was used from around the 70s to describe changes that were taking place from the 60s in western society and culture. As far as art was concerned, postmodernism was against modernism. Art, design and culture was noticed to have changed in the 60s/70s by art critics. Modernism was in decline by this point and it lost its position as the most dominant style. Postmodernism emerged as a result of this.

We then explored digital technology as a tool. Technology can be used easily to create and manipulate. Further to this, the defining features of the different medias become more blurry. This lead to art being created digitally thanks to the advents of digital imaging and digital production.

After this section on postmodernism, we discussed the process of defining new media. New Media is all that is associated with the internet and marks a huge shift from modernity to postmodernity, due to the nature of the internet itself. This is the very fibre of the digital revolution.

We then went on to discuss how the digital revolution took shape. This happened from the 1960s onwards with the development of computer based technologies and the internet (Early development in the 60s, networking developments in the early 80s and its rapid expansion in the 90s). Design also had a place in this and we discussed what kind of impact companies like Apple and Adobe had (with regards to design and technology related to design).

To conclude, we discussed how postmodernism has effected media. This can be summarised by considering the following points.

  • No media is greater than another.
  • Anything can be communicated to the audience.
  • The effect that media has on the relationship between reality and virtual.
  • State of Hyper Reality

After we had finished this up, we watched a fairly long documentary called “The Virtual Revolution” which was about the birth of the Internet. You can watch this below.

I intend to write a seperate blog post detailing the key issues raised by this documentary. I will link to it here when it is up.

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