Creative Futures – Production Design for Entertainment Media – Props, Object and Vehicle Design

Props, Objects and Vehicles are obviously very important parts of any video game, regardless of genre. No matter which of these you are referring to, they all play a significant part within the universe that is being created.


There are two ways that Props and Objects can be approached. These are as a “Props Buyer” and as a “Product Designer“.

Props Buyers look at procuring props and objects based on what they read from scripts/design documents (tends to be plot and story).  They generate a list of all objects and props needed. Generally speaking, the idea is that they will purchase props and objects which reflects the realistic use of the area in question.

Product Designers typically deal with the generation of ideas, developing concepts, testing, manufacturing and/or implementation of an object itself. This role combines art, science and technology and the result of this is a person who is able to create believable items that are functional. The role is constantly evolving and this is due in part to the introduction of technologies to the role that are available these days.

Keywords/Important Aspects of Product Design

Aesthetics – OED: “concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty”.

Ergonomics – OED: “the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment”.

Usability – OED: “able or fit to be used”.

After this, we were tasked with coming up with a list of props and objects that could be in our adaptation (See the following posts for more info: Coming Soon). As my adaptation is based upon a futuristic cyberpunk inspired version of the events of Rangarok, I’m quite excited to think about the kinds of things that you could find.

As a recap, my environment is a “Throne Room“. This throne room belonged to Thor before his death and his son has found his room, long hidden and thought never to have been discovered before. The list of props/objects in this room is as follows:

  • Throne
  • Terminals
  • Mjolnir
  • Scepter
  • Computer Terminal (Controlls Stasis Container)
  • Stasis Container (Controlled by Computer Terminal)
  • Drapes w/Emblems
  • Large Carpet /w Emblems
  • Trophies of past victories (Cybernetic implants, microchips etc… pulled straight out of corpses)
  • Wall of Monitors
  • Imagery (Potentially of important figures)
  • Curved Staircases (leads to raised platform where Computer Terminal is located – gives view of whole room)
  • Automatic Doors into Throne Room (Secured by reading entrant’s Cybernetic Implants)
  • Artifacts (Technological, few hundred years previous. Far advanced from our own technology)
  • Cabling
  • Cameras
  • Communications Pod (For communicating with other gods)
  • Statues of Iconic Figures
  • Set of Armour (Mainly technological – Features Cybernetics and Electronics – Some weapons attached –  For example, EMP and a Shock Charge)
  • Illuminated Handrails (For the stairs – Glows red and yellow in the presence of a god a member of the divine line – Else, these glow dark blue/purple)
  • Lighting system (Glows red and yellow in the presence of a god a member of the divine line – Else, these glow dark blue/purple)
  • Restraints (For if the incumbent god wishes for a subject to be restrained – Restrained by an electric current which holds the subject in place)
  • Emergency Generator (Electricity)
  • Battle Standard
  • Pile of Enemy Armour (Likely taken as “trophies” – Age unknown, they look very old)
  • Pile of Enemy Weapons (Likely taken as “trophies” – Age unknown, they look very old – Swords, Axes, etc…)
  • Grand Table (Entertaining Guests – Can be moved out by servants)
  • Chairs (For Table – Can be moved out by servants)


  • Futuristic-style Hovercraft (Similar size to small planes. Common mode of transport)
  • Police drive super modified version of these (Much faster than standard and are coloured white, blue and yellow)

So far, I have 30 items. I will obviously add to this list if I can think of any more. Now that I have this list, I have been tasked to pick three of these props/objects/vehicles and design each of them. It is important to remember when doing this that when designing, you shouldn’t just use the first idea that comes to your head. Keep going until you’re out of ideas or maybe even bored of it, then keep going further. I intend to post further about this after this current task.

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