Pareidolia Exercise – Follow Up – “Chomper”

Just as a quick follow up to my Pareidolia exercise that I did a few weeks back (which you can find here), I decided to take #3 from the sketchbook to the digital space. The finished piece is below.

Chomper - David J E Smith, 2013

Chomper – David J E Smith, 2013

I liked the original so much that I thought I’d take it into Photoshop to see what I could do. It is inspired by the Chopper and Masher “badniks” from Sonic 1 and 2 respectively.

I am fairly happy with it in general. However, I do think that it looks a little uneven in places and if I was to do this again, I would use the pen tool to go over the original pen drawing so as to get a more accurate result.

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