Creative Futures – Logos, Brands and Identities – Semiotics

Semiotics is something that we have already covered within CATS (you can find my original blog post here). Just to refresh this knowledge, Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols.

The main components of Semiotics are as follows:


The signifier is the material component of the sign (in this case, the logo, the brand and the identities themselves).


The signified is the concept of what the signifier stands for (an ident implies that the company shown on the ident had some involvement with the creation of the content).

As part of my research, I have been tasked with finding some examples of these within idents.

This is Intel’s most recent ident. At the beginning of the ident, you can see a processor die, which is how computer processors are made. This then zooms out and forms the dot on the letter I which makes up the name “Intel”. This implies that Intel are a company which makes computer/technology components. Looking at this more symbolically however, you could say that the die becoming the dot in the letter I could symbolise that making these components is a very important part of their company.

This is the opening ident for Channel 4’s “Come Dine With Me”. The ident features dishes being prepared and presented very well, which symbolises what the program is about (competition, being the best etc…). At the end, you can see four people around a table toasting, which symbolises the get togethers that occur at the dinner parties in this show.

I think that these are both very good examples of how semiotics can be used to further enhance a brand identity. Not only do they both get their points across efficiently, but they also give a very good idea as to what it is that they do.

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