Creative Futures – Logos, Brands and Identities

As part of a Creative Futures session, we had a fairly brief session on Logos, Brands and Identities. Within the context of games, these can be seen used on the front of game covers, promotional materials and idents before games. Idents are used at the beginning of games to showcase the company or companies that were involved with the making of the game. These are usually short little animations that tell the player who made the game. This is something that has been taken from Movies, TV and Animations and brought on over into games.

As part of a new brief that we have been given, we were tasked to research into some identities that already exist within the real world. Here are a couple that I have found which I think are quite good and serve as good examples.

The above example is the famous Sega ident used before the Sonic the Hedgehog games. The Sega sound became one of the most iconic idents in the history of games. I think that this is the case because it is simple. This helps it become memorable as there isn’t really much to remember about it. The vocal part of this ident is very much like a jingle, and is strangely catchy despite how short it is. This also makes it very easy to remember.

The above example is the ident used by EA Sports before all EA Sports games. This ident incorporates the company’s slogan within it, and has since become synonymous with sports games. The ident does not feature any kind of music, but is memorable simply because of the voice over.

Here, I have decided to grab a few examples from other medias.

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