3D Realisation – Street Project – Building Proposal

Street Project – Building Proposal – David Smith – Year 1 BA (Hons) Games Design
Building Type An amusement arcade. Aimed at gamers and passing tourists. 3 storey building. Only ground floor is used by the business. Flat roof (some workers worked on the roof during original use, lifting of boxes etc…).
Period Built 19th Century Converted Warehouse, with modern features.
Contemporary Changes Ground floor is completely modernised. Electric doors. Glass windows on front. Entire floor filled with varying arcade machines and there is an 18+ area with slot machines, 18 rated games.

1st and 2nd floor are not used by the business and exhibit features typical of the period. Fishing warehouse. Doors with no landings/staircases, hooks originally used to lift boxes, shuttered windows.

State of Repair Ground floor completely modernised. 1st and 2nd floor is not exactly in disrepair but have been unused for over 100 years. As such, they’re starting to show their age.
Important External Features Hand written signage in the windows, advertising items for sale from the public. Arcade sign professionally produced. Enclosed area fenced off from rest of marina with bench seating.
Problems to Solve Creating interior without modelling it.

Modernising the ground floor, without detracting from the aesthetic of the rest of the building and also preserving the rest of the warehouse building (warehouse would be a listed building).

Additional Notes Building would need to be 15m wide to accommodate for the large number of arcade machines and slot machines on the premises. Additionally, this would be a space where a lot of people may meet up and would therefore need enough space to accommodate a large number of people.
Street Project – Building Proposal – David Smith – Year 1 BA (Hons) Games Design
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