Creative Futures – Mini Brief – Ident Creation – Name Ideas

As part of our Creative Futures mini brief to create an ident, we were tasked with coming up with a name for our production house. This can be a difficult thing to do without a process, as you can pretty much guarantee that the first thing you come up with will either be terrible, already taken or both. To do this in the most effective way possible, I created a list of random words that came to my head. The list is as follows:

1) Altar, 2) Temple, 3) Shrine, 4) Sacred Place, 5) Reliquary, 6) Escapist, 7) Visionary, 8) Prophecy, 9) Divination, 10) Premonition, 11) Theory, 12) Progenitor, 13) Origin, 14) Complex, 15) Adventure, 16) Blitz, 17) Supersonic, 18) Flash, 19) Spark, 20) Glow, 21) Flare, 22) Manifesto, 23) Cutesy, 24) Arcane, 25) Arena, 26) Saga, 27) Sigma, 28) Gamma, 29) Alpha, 30) Omega, 31) Epsilon, 32) Fierce, 33) Motif, 34) Omen, 35) Cypher, 36) Digital, 37) Analogue, 38) Chopper, 39) Auto, 40) Ace, 41) Toys, 42) Spec

With this list of random words, I used a random number generator to put these words together. The following list is of the combinations I came up with. Within this list, I have highlighted the three names that I have chosen.

Omen Glow, Epsilon Arena, Analogue Fierce, Cutesy Shrine, Visionary Omen, Premonition Blitz, Supersonic Escapist, Premonition Spark, Spark Adventure, Escapist Glow, Blitz Adventure, Escapist Blitz, Temple Flare, Adventure Glow, Manifesto Prophecy, Temple Reliquary, Flash Spark, Sacred Place, Prophecy Visionary, Escapist Theory, Supersonic Divination, Glow Flare, Analogue Omen, Sigma Glow, Blitz Visionary, Premonition Saga, Ace Spec, Cutesy Glow, Gamma Adventure, Supersonic Altar, Digital Theory, Sigma Premonition, Reliquary Blitz, Cutesy Arcane, Alpha Ace

Of the three that I highlighted, I like Flash Spark the most. Therefore, this is the name that I will be using.

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