Creative Futures – Mini Brief – Ident Creation – Typeface Research

For our mini brief which has been assigned to us as part of Creative Futures, we have been instructed to create our own ident for a production company. During the process of creating a name, I came up with a name that I really liked. This name is Flash Spark Studios.

The next part of this mini brief involves researching into typefaces that I may want to use or take inspiration from to maybe create my own typeface. The choice of typeface for a logo/ident is important as it becomes a large part of your brand’s identity.

My initial thoughts for the look of the identity is that the “Flash” portion of the text should look bold and easily readable. The “Spark” portion of the text should be stylised to look electric. Another thought tied in with this is that it should look as though it could produce sparks if it was a real life object.

With this in mind, I set out to try and find some typefaces that do this successfully.

Zeronero Font, Monofonts Font Factory

Zeronero Font, Monofonts Font Factory

What I really like about the “Zeronero” font is that it is very easy to read and very easy to see. It is very bold and, at least in my opinion, also looks like it communicates “fun”. I think that this may be thanks to its simplistic design. However, this font is as a result of its boldness, very chunky. It might be overwhelming if used on a lot of text in a given area.

Peppermint Font, Monofonts Font Factory

Peppermint Font, Monofonts Font Factory

I quite like this typeface. To me, it looks like it could almost have come from the future (think “Shibuya Crossing” style advertising screens and electronic billboards), especially when all letters are capitalised. It looks almost digital and this obviously would lend itself very well to both “Flash” and to “Spark”. However, I do also think that it maybe looks a little tacky, and therefore, would only maybe be suitable for one part of the identity.

Formation Sans Font, Steve Gardner

Formation Sans Font, Steve Gardner

This typeface, again, looks quite futuristic. However, I think that the problem here lies with the font itself looking a little too thin. There are a lot of gaps and blank spaces too, which might make it slightly more difficult to read and/or notice at a glance than “Zeronero” or “Peppermint”. It may however work quite well as a typeface for a small “sub-title”, perhaps the “Studio” part of the identity.

Lightning Volt Font, By "Honey & Death"

Lightning Volt Font, By “Honey & Death”

This typeface definitely fulfills the “electric look” that I was looking for. It does also look like it could be producing sparks. However, it does perhaps almost look too stylised. Still, I think it would definitely look good on the “Spark” part of the identity.

Galaxyface, By Honey & Death

Galaxyface, By Honey & Death

Whilst this typeface looks more like it is made up of stars in the shape of letters, it gives me a good idea as to exactly how you could incorporate the sparks themselves into a typeface. As far as this font goes, at least in my opinion, it looks fairly tacky. I think there is too much going on with this typeface. Because you have to follow the shape that the “stars” are making, it takes a while to read the text, which is no good for an ident. However, in terms of using this technique for the “Spark” portion of the ident, you could perhaps have the “Spark” text literally spark away and leave the world “Spark” burnt into a background object.

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