Flash – Introduction to Flash

Flash is a piece of software which is used within many different fields. Games Design is obviously one of them, but it is also used quite widely within Animation and Web Design to name just two. Specifically, within Games Design, Flash can be used to create games with relative ease compared with having to code an engine from scratch within C/C++/C# or use engines such as the Unreal Engine or Unity.

Flash CS6 Window

Flash CS6 Window

The above screenshot is a typical workspace layout within Flash. The main scene area allows for the user to draw directly onto the scene. Below this, we have the timeline, which allows users to animate, as well as set up specific properties depending which frame is loaded. To the right, we have the properties tab, which allows the user to define the properties of the file. The main toolset of the program is located to the right of this, and features standard tools such as the paintbrush tool, text tool and pen tool just to name three.

An important thing to note is that things which are drawn within Flash are created in vector. This means that anything drawn here in Flash is a mathematical projection of what you are drawing, rather than a bitmap (pixels). This means that anything drawn here can be resized with no loss in fidelity.

Flash also features a programming language called ActionScript. This is obviously very important for creating games within Flash as it will allow us to use the advanced functionality required to make a game work. I will discuss this in a seperate blog post.

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