Flash – Introduction to Object Oriented Programming/ActionScript

ActionScript is the programming language which is used when working with Flash. ActionScript is based on JavaScript and as such, is much simpler to learn than C/C++ or C#.

ActionScript is an “Object Oriented” programming language. Object Oriented Programming is a method of programming which centres, as the name suggests, around objects. Each object is a class, and within the object, there may be other classes. The benefit to this is that each object can be coded within its own class and can be called as and when needed, thus reducing time spent coding.

For example, if we were creating a car within flash, the car would be a class. Within this class, there could be classes for the engine, the steering wheel, the wheels and passengers. The engine class may control exactly how movement works (which direction to go in when accelerating etc…), the steering wheel class may control how to change direction and the horn and the wheel class may control movement and tyre degradation.

Some examples of Object Oriented Programming languages are C/C++, C#, Java, ActionScript 3, Perl, Python and PHP. For working with Flash, we are currently learning the basics of ActionScript 3.

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