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Creative Futures – Production Design for Entertainment Media – Props, Object and Vehicle Design

Props, Objects and Vehicles are obviously very important parts of any video game, regardless of genre. No matter which of these you are referring to, they all play a significant part within the universe that is being created. Props/Objects There … Continue reading

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3D Realisation – Isaiah Sherman

Following on directly from my research into 3D artists, I have decided to look further into the work of Isaiah Sherman. The reason I have picked Isaiah is because I was very interested in the fantasy style stuff that he … Continue reading

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3D Realisation – Theme and Drawings

Having picked my focus for this particular module, I took to looking for some inspiration. It didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for. I am very much into Role Playing Games and in particular, I am … Continue reading

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3D Realisation – Items/Props

During our 3D Realisation session today, we discussed the research on different 3D Artists that we undertook. As a result of being unable to make a decision between Environments and Items/Props, I rolled a dice to decide and came up … Continue reading

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